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Ropot 1985 Ljubljana
  1. Cari Amici Soldati
  2. Sila
  3. Sredi bojev
  4. Drzava
  5. Dekret
  6. Mi kujemo bodocnost
  7. Brat moj
  8. Panorama
  9. Policijski hit (N.Y. 1984)
  10. Prva TV generacija
Laibach's first album, released in Slovenia only. Due to the ban, the name "Laibach" doesn't appear on the album. The last two songs are bonus tracks and only available on the CD re-release.

Rekapitulacija 1980-1984


Walter Ulbricht Schallfolien 1985 Hamburg
  1. Cari Amici
  2. Zmagoslavje volje
  3. Jaruzelsky
  4. Smrt za smrt
  5. Sila (Macht)
  6. Dokumenti
  7. Sredi bojev
  8. Panorama 14
  9. Mi kujemo bodocnost
  10. Brat moj (Bruder Mein)
  11. Slovenska zena
  12. Boji (Kampfe)
  13. Ti, ki izzivas
  14. Perspektive
  15. Mars
Double box set with recordings from 1980 to 1984, released in Germany only. Included a poster.

Neue Konservatiw

Semi legal 1985 Hamburg

1. Vier Personen
2. Nova akropola
3. Vade Retro Satanas
4. Die Liebe
5. Du Der Du Herausforderst
6. Der Staat
Live, "official" bootleg. Released in German only

Nova Akropola


Cherry Red 1985 London
  1. Vier Personen
  2. Nova akropola
  3. Krvava gruda - Plodna zemlja
  4. Vojna poema
  5. Ti, ki izzivas
  6. Die Liebe
  7. Drzava
  8. Vade Retro
  9. Panorama
  10. Decree

The Occupied Europe Tour 1983-1985

Side Effects Records 1986 London
1. Perspektiven
2. Vier Personen
3. Nova akropola
4. Vojna poema
5. Panorama
6. Ti, ki izzivas
7. Die Liebe Ist Die Grosste Kraft
8. Vade Retro
9. Drzava
Recordings from Laibach's first Eurpean tour. British band "Last Few Days" provided support.

Opus Dei


Mute Records 1987 London
  1. Leben Heisst Leben
  2. Geburt Einer Nation
  3. Leben - Tod
  4. F.I.A.T.
  5. Opus Dei
  6. Trans-National
  7. How The East Was Won
  8. The Great Seal
  9. Herz-Felde
  10. Jägerspiel
  11. Koza
  12. Krst
Laibach makes a german version of Queen's "One Vision" and both a german and an english version of "Life Is Life", originally by Opus. Heavy and aggressive. F.I.A.T. includes words from a radio broadcast meant to demoralize the American soldiers during WW2. Originally made by Ezra Pound for Radio Roma July 13th 1942 click for info on Ezra . The four last songs are bonus tracks (CD only), taken from the NSK theatre-piece "Baptism under Triglav".

Slovenska Akropola

Ropot 1987 Ljubljana (Slovenian release only)
1. Nova akropola
2. Krvava gruda - Plodna zemlja
3. Vade Retro Satanas
4. Raus! (Herzfelde)
5. Die Liebe
6. Vojna poema
7. Apologija Laibach
8. Krst pod Triglavom
9. Die Grosste Kraft

Krst Pod Triglavom - Baptism Under Triglav

Walter Ulbricht Schallfolien 1987 Hamburg
Sub Rosa 1988 Brussels
  1. Jezero/Der See
  2. Valjhun/Waldung
  3. Delak
  4. Koza/Die Haut
  5. Jagerspiel
  6. Bogomila - Verfuhrung
  7. Wienerblut
  8. Crtomir, Jelengar
  9. Apologija Laibach
  10. Krst/Die Taufe, Germania
  11. Rdeci Pilot/Der Rote Pilot
Music made by Laibach for the NSK theatre-piece "Baptism below Triglav". Triglav is Slovenia's highest mountain peak.

Let It Be


Mute Records 1988 London
  1. Get Back
  2. Two Of Us
  3. Dig A Pony
  4. I Me Mine
  5. Across The Universe
  6. Dig It
  7. I've Got A Feeling
  8. The Long And Winding Road
  9. One After 909
  10. For You Blue
  11. Maggie Mae
Laibach covers the whole Beatles album of the same name, with exception for the title track.


Mute Records 1990 London
  1. Preludium
  2. Agnus Dei (Acropolis)
  3. Wutach Schlucht
  4. Die Zeit
  5. Ohne Geld
  6. U.S.A.
  7. 10.5.1941
  8. Expectans Expectavos
  9. Coincidentia Oppositorum
  10. Wolf
  11. Agnus Dei (Exil Und Tod)
Instrumental music that Laibach composed for the theatrical performance of Shakespear's Macbeth. Soothing and dark. Originally performed live in "Deutches Schauspielhaus" theatre in Hamburg 1988.

Sympathy For The Devil

Mute Records 1990 London
1. Sympathy For The Devil (Time For A Change)
2. Sympathy For The Devil (Dem Teufel Zugeneigt)
3. Sympathy For The Devil (Anastasia)
4. Sympathy For The Devil (Who Killed The Kennedys - Inst.)
5. Sympathy For The Devil (Who Killed The Kennedys)
6. Sympathy For The Devil (Soul To Waste)
7. Sympathy For The Devil
8. Sympathy For The Devil (Soul To Waste - Inst.)
Eight versions of the classic song "Sympathy for the Devil" originally by Rolling Stones.


Mute Records 1992 London
  1. Decade Null
  2. Everlasting In Union
  3. Illumination
  4. Le Privilege Des Morts
  5. Codex Durex
  6. Hymn To The Black Sun
  7. Young Europa
  8. The Hunter's Funeral Procession (From the "Wunderhorn" trilogy)
  9. White Law
  10. Wirtschaft Ist Tot
  11. Torso
  12. Entartete Welt (The Discovery of the North Pole)
  13. Kinderreich
  14. Sponsored By Mars
  15. Regime Of Coincidence, State Of Gravity
Laibach moves away from the heavyness of previous albums and embraces techno.

Ljubljana - Zagreb - Beograd


The Grey Area / Mute Records 1993 London
  1. Intro
  2. Unsere Geschichte
  3. Rdeci Molk
  4. Siemens
  5. Smrt Za Smrt
  6. Drzava
  7. Zavedali So Se - Poparjen Je Odsel I
  8. Delo In Disciplina
  9. Tito - Tito
  10. Ostati Zvesti Nasi Preteklosti - Poparjen Je Odsel II
  11. Tovarna C19
  12. STT
  13. Sveti Urh
  14. Drzava (studio version)
  15. Cari Amici Soldati
  16. Jaruzelsky
  17. Drzava
  18. Svoboda
The album contains live-material recorded during concerts made in Ljubljana, Zagreb and Belgrade 1982. Features Tomaz Hostnik on vocals as well as on the album-cover. This tour, which was Laibach's first official one, became Hostnik's last.



Mute Records 1994 London

1. N.A.T.O.
2. War
3. Final Countdown
4. In The Army Now
5. Dogs Of War
6. Alle Gegen Alle
7. National Reservation
8. 2525
9. Mars On River Drina

The techno-feel Laibach introduced on Kapital remains on Nato. Really good beats and choirs. Edwin Starr's "War", Europe's "Final Countdown" and Status Quo's "In The Army Now" recieves some Laibach treatment.

Occupied Europe NATO Tour 1994-95

The Grey Area / Mute Records 1996 London (Live)
  1. N.A.T.O.
  2. War
  3. Final Countdown
  4. In The Army Now
  5. Alle Gegen Alle
  6. National Reservation
  7. 2525
  8. Mars On River Drina
  9. Everlasting Union
  10. Leben Heisst Leben
  11. Sympathy For The Devil
  12. Trans-National
  13. Wirtschaft Ist Tot
  14. Geburt Einer Nation
  15. Opus Dei
Live-recordings from the 1994-95 tour that ended with two concerts in Zarajevo while the war was still raging. Also available as home-video, with a slightly different track-listing.

Jesus Christ Superstars


The Grey Area / Mute Records 1996 London
1. God Is God
2. Jesus Christ Superstar
3. Kingdom Of God
4. Abuse And Confession
5. Declaration Of Freedom
6. Message From A Black Star
7. The Cross
8. To The New Light
9. Deus Ex Machina
Religion is the main target for Laibach's criticism this time. Juno Reactor's "God is God", Andrew Lloyd Webber's "Jesus Christ Superstar" and The Artist Formerly Known As Prince's "The Cross" is being remade.

M.B. December 21 1984

The Grey Area / Mute Records 1997 London (Live)
1. Sodba Veka
2. Ti, Ki Izzivas
3. Sila / Dokumenti
4. Sredi Bojev
5. Nova Akropola
6. Dokumenti II
7. Tito
8. Dokumenti III
9. Dokumenti IV
The live-recording of the historic concert at Malic Belic Hall in Ljubljana 1984. Laibach had in 1983 been forbidden to do any public appearences and to use the name Laibach. To get around the ban made by the Yugoslavian authorities, they spread flyers with the groups cross insignia as only reference. It became known as "the concert that never was".


  1. Cari Amici Soldati
  2. Sila
  3. Sredi bojev
  4. Drzava
  5. Dekret
  6. Mi kujemo bodocnost
  7. Brat moj
  8. Panorama
  9. Policijski hit (N.Y. 1984)
  10. Prva TV generacija
  11. The Civilization
  12. The Armed Man
  13. 1+1
Remastered release of Laibach's first album. There are three new bonus tracks recorded by Strom und Klang and Laibach for the Noordung production, The Prayer Machine. With the CD comes a booklet with lyrics and artwork by Irwin and Laibach.