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The politics of Laibach

Original author unknown

Laibach's politics does not take sides in anything. Laibach is part of a collective of artists called NSK or Neue Slowenische Kunst. Upon entrance you are supposed to get rid of your political views. Laibach are merely 'by-standers' and commentators in our world of chaos. The most important point though is that totalitarianism and oppression are not exclusive to facism but also to: communism, christianity and capitalistic consumerism.

Since the entire NSK bases its work on the retro principle, it means that the facist imagery is real (taken from actual Nazi art), the music is also based on other music originally not composed by Laibach. The most clear cut examples are: Beatles, Queen, Opus, and the glorified Macbeth is nothing more than a re-make of some classical stuff.

What makes Laibach very unique though, is the overall designs of their work. They usually manage to collage one idea with its opposite. Some of the artwork included on their disks was originally done by anti-Nazi activists; however, its out-of-context use leads one to associate it with Nazis. Laibach stresses the idea that one can't be sure of the real meaning of symbolism, that no one knows all of the history.