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Laibach and NSK: The Birth of a New State

Laibach are the founding fathers of the state of NSK. The world's newest state, which has formally announced its existence at official celebrations in Moscow and Berlin, is set to make its first diplomatic overtures to Britain and elsewhere in the autumn of 1994.

The NSK state is formed by Laibach and fellow members of the utopian organisation formerly known as Neue Slowensiche Kunst. The other founders include the art collective Irwin, the theatre wing Noordung, the Department of Applied Philosophy and the award winning design section NK.

The politico-cultural origins of the NSK state are a manifest in the distinctive design of the trappings through which the state defines its presence: the music of NSK composers Laibach, the NSK flag and the NSK passport. The NSK Post Office is putting the finishing touches to its post stamps and the NSK Mint is about to launch its currency, which is expected to quickly establish itself as a replacement for the unpopular ECU. The NSK currency is the NSK: eg 1NSK = 7DM or 2.85 english pounds sterling approx. (Check your bank for up-to-date-exchange before you travel).

NSK is constituted not as a physical state with geographical borders, but as a extra-territorial state which peacefully co-exists within and without the host body of any pre-existing state where it chooses to temporarily materialise itself. The NSK state has so far successfully materialised itself in Moscow, where its celebration included the unfurling of a giant-sized black Malevich square across Red Square as a gesture of friendship that transcended borders of Time and Space. And in autumn 1993, the NSK state constituted itself in the Volksbuehne in East Berlin. Visitors were only allowed access on the production of an NSK passport, though instant visas were available to the holders of other passports.

As theses events signified, it is possible for one souvereign state to peacefully coexist alongside, inside or outside any other. Through such state occasions, the NSK state shows the way forward: As a state without body or borders NSK is a state of mind, it makes no territorial claims. The founding of the NSK state and the declaration of its interdependence are entirely non-aggressive.

NSK state citizenship is open to any individual, regardless of gender, relgion or ethnic origin, so long as he or she promises to uphold and not undermine the values that constitute the character of NSK.

For further NSK information, contact Mute or write to NSK Information Center, P.P.75, 61117 Ljubljana.

press article, source: Mute FTP Server