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The origin of the covers

Laibach has done a lot of covers on their many albums. Some are so re-made that you might have a hard time recognizing them. Also, the lyrics are often altered, some more than others, so that they better suit Laibach's objectives.
NATO: based on "Mars" from Holst's "Planets suite"

War: Edwin Starr, from the album "War" (1970)

Final Countdown: Europe, from the album "Final Countdown" (1986)

In The Army Now: Bolland & Bolland (later covered by Status Quo)

Dogs Of War: Pink Floyd, from the album "A Momentary Lapse of Reason" (1987)

Alle Gegen Alle: DAF

National Reservation: Written by John D Loudermilk and originally called "Indian reservation" (also made a hit by Paul Revere and the Raiders, billboard #1 1971)

2525: Zager and Evans, from the album "Exordium and Terminus"

Mars On River Drina: based on the Serbian military march, "March On The River Drina" by S. Binicki.

God is God: Juno Reactor

The Cross: the Artist Formerly Known As Prince

Jesus Christ Superstar: Rock Opera/musical with lyrics by Tim Rice and music by Andrew Lloyd Webber (1971)

Sympathy for the Devil: Rolling Stones, from the album "Beggars Banquet" (1968)

Opus Dei/Leben Heisst Leben: Opus (then called "Live is Life")

Geburt Einer Nation: Queen (then called "One Vision")

[All songs on Let It Be]: Beatles, from the album "Let It Be" (1970)